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Financial Studies Financial Studies

Rate Studies
G.P.M Associates Inc. has performed scores of rate studies for water utilities, including Municipal, Authority and Investor Owned systems. David R. Monie, P.E., G.P.M.'s president, has testified in numerous states on water and wastewater rate adjustment cases. G.P.M.'s experience with owning, operating and managing water and wastewater systems provides valuable insight in setting rates and in providing testimony on the important issues in the case.

Cost of Service Studies
As a leader in Cost of Service and Tariff Design Studies, G.P.M Associates Inc. has performed numerous such studies in many states. Important issues such as Incentive Rates, Seasonal Rates, Service Charges and Fire Protection Charges have been successfully addressed in contested rate increase applications.

Privatization Studies
G.P.M Associates Inc. recently completed a study of the possibility of privatizing the water and wastewater utilities owned by the Borough of Haddonfield, New Jersey. Recently, G.P.M's expertise in all aspects of utility matters greatly enhances its ability to negotiate an appropriate price for water and wastewater systems.

Financing Assistance
G.P.M Associates Inc. has helped numerous small Investor Owned water and wastewater utilities place long term financing under favorable conditions. David R. Monie, P.E., G.P.M.'s president, is the financing sub-committee chairman for the National Association of Water Companies' Small Community Committee. The post has enabled G.P.M. to develop valuable relationships with key lenders, such as CoBank, and to keep up to date on all financial matters effecting small systems. G.P.M. has also assisted municipalities in obtaining low interest financing and grants through programs run by the State of New Jersey.

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NAWC : The National Association of Water Companies, a national trade association that exclusively represents the private and investor-owned water utility industry.


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