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Environmental Permitting

Water Diversions
Since its inception in 1976, David R. Monie, P.E., President of G.P.M Associates Inc. has been involved in every aspect of water withdrawal permitting from the Delaware River Basin Commission and the New Jersey Department of Envionmental Protection ("NJDEP"). G.P.M. is well recognized by the NJDEP Bureau of Water Allocation and has provided expert testimony on ground water hydrology before the NJDEP, courts of law and numerous planning and zoning boards.

State Permitting for Water Systems
G.P.M Associates Inc. has processed numerous applications for permits for the construction and operation of all aspects of water systems for Public Community Supply Water Systems. Permits have been received from the appropriate state agencies in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. G.P.M.'s lengthy experience dealing with the various regulatory agencies insures efficient processing of all applications.

Other Environmental Permitting
G.P.M Associates Inc. is experienced in numerous other permitting requirements. These include Discharge Permits, Stream Encroachment Permits, and Treatment Works Approvals. G.P.M's knowledge of all requirements for water and wastewate permitting is benefical in processing any water or wastewater project.

For more information, visit these sites:

  • The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Agency
    The NJDEP helps to preserve and protect the enivornment and ensures environmental quality and public health.

  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency
    The EPA protects human health and the natural environment and ensures that all Americans are protected from significant risks to human health.


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